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  1. John Ritson says:

    I was trying to reinstall Battleships 3D which I bought a while ago onto my new device but it appears to be not listed on Google Play any more, has the support ended for the game?

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the quick response and its strange how they picked on you instead of the many others on there. The links do not seem to be working and profer a 404 error. Many thanks.

    • geekoapps says:

      Didn’t expect you to see the comment so fast, they are still uploading to dropbox, should be done in 10 mins. and then the links should work.

  3. John says:

    The message came through very quickly so I thought I would respond promptly. Do not give up with Google just find a way around it as your game is good. Best regards JGR

    • geekoapps says:

      Thank you, I will see if i can find the project files (this was about a year ago now) Maybe i can re-release it under another name after updating it.

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