Space Forge released!

Posted: 28/05/2012 in App news

Space Forge has been released! Yey. below are links to download for windowns and a link to the play store for android build.

Windows build – 3.0

Hi again, Space Forge is almost done, I’m scrambling to try and meet the release date of the 28th at the moment so haven’t had that much time to actually play through the game and test it so hopefully you can all do that for me, Keep the emails coming!

confirmed issues:

  • level 4’s background looks really, really bad Fixed
  • instructions are blurry – fixed in 3.1
  • some issues with the enemy lasers sound, fire when off screen and distortion when past playerFixed
  • Some of the later levels were impossible due to the disabled ships creating a wall hat you couldnt get past and would eventually hit.3.0
  • Changed the model for the turret ships(the non boss enemies that still have destroyable turrets) as they were angering android for some weird reason. – 3.0
  • Random crashes on level 12(Peace Maker) on android. – Think ive fixed it, haven’t had it happen in the few plays of the level ive tried but it only sometimes happened before so not certain3.0
  • increased the button sized in the upgrade menu for purchasing consumables and menu loading 3.0
  • Added some Gfx options to reduce lagg on mobile devices on the levels where there are loads of enemies. – 3.0

Download links:

Windows – 3.0

Android – 3.0

Difficulty is something I’m struggling to gauge at the moment, so i would appreciate any feedback on that aswell.

Dont run the windows build on the “Fastest” quality setting, its setup specifically for mobiles and will either run stupidly fast or just break.


Space Forge Beta build

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Hi everyone, most game features have been completed now with just a few remaining, most of the remaining development time will go towards level design. I have uploaded a Beta build here for anyone to try, please post any bugs you find or email. There are currently only 5 levels with one boss fight.

Note – In the final build moving on the vertical plane will be disabled, It is there for testing only which is also why you can fly off the screen with it.

Known bugs:

  • Ship selection doesn’t work. – Fixed – 1.5
  • money isn’t being calculated properly, meaning you only get half of what you should. – Fixed – 1.3 its back for some reason
  • the buttons don’t indicate when you have fully upgraded a certain aspect of your ship. – Fixed – 1.4
  • Turrets are invincible and too big.  – Fixed – 1.5
  • Upgrading armor costs 700, despite showing 500. – Fixed – 1.5
To come:
  • Different attributes for the ships. – Ship selection now changes your special weapon, At the moment there is a mine launcher and missile launcher. – 1.6
  • More levels. – ongoing, 5 new in 1.8
  • More weapon types.Mines and Missiles. 1.6

Windows Build – 3.0

Android Build – 3.0


Hello, Just a quick look at what were working on at the moment. Space Forge is a space shooter for windows and mobile platforms:

Features include:

  • Upgrade your ship as you go along, Even adding weapons.
  • Destroyable components on enemy ships, don’t like the enemy bosses turrets shooting at you? destroy them and then finish him off!
  • Deployable, purchasable turrets.
  • HD Effects, Pretty explosions!
  • Tilt control’s.
  • Debris from destroyed ships, also from parts shot off you!
  • Giant freaking Lasers.

I’ve attached a few pictures below, couldnt get many good in gameplay as i kept dying while trying:) some things are still place holders (like the boss with no textures and the player ship is likely to change to a design that can have more parts shot off)

Ever been bored and wanted to be annoyed by something with no usefull function at all? Well your search is over! Random notfication will add random stuff to your notification bar at random times.


Random Notification is currently set to be released later today or tomorrow(depends how long it takes to make splash screens and logo)

Update — defo wont be today:( had some problems with it not installing right for some reason

Let the annoyance begin!

We have just released Phone five, Now no matter where you go a high five isnt that far away.

Qr codes and download links below

Play Store

Bounce is a simple but addictive and invigorating platformer, where the objective is to take the small red ball as far along through the city as possible.

You are suspended at near the height of the tallest buildings in the city, with only a stretch of disconnected platforms to keep you from plummeting down to your certain doom. Many of these platforms either have the ability of pushing you forwards, or of dragging you back to the direction that you came from.
Along the way, you will see that there are green, red and blue boxes. These are you nutrition for your journey: whilst the green and red boxes give you one and three speed boosts respectively, the blue boxes slow down the speed of the game, thus enabling you to take a quick breather every now and then.
You can use the speed boosts whenever you’re in the air. If you simply tap the screen (Android) or press spacebar (Windows), you will propel onwards at a very healthy speed.
Watch out, though, for the gaps in between the platforms. If you are going at a very fast speed, you may be unaware of the looming peril that lies ahead of you in the form of either the gap, or the edge, of the platforms. Your momentum can quickly switch from being comfortably racing through the air, to being caught underneath the platforms with no way of getting back up.

Bounce is now on the Android market! (iOS coming soon!) The link is right here.(QR code below)

A free version is also on its way in the next week so everyone can enjoy the game. As before feel free to download the windows build.

Update – – Free version available here

Update 2 — I’ve fixed the Windows build, Sorry about that!

Upare 3 — There is now a dedicated Facebook page for Bounce, check it out.