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Bounce is a simple but addictive and invigorating platformer, where the objective is to take the small red ball as far along through the city as possible.

You are suspended at near the height of the tallest buildings in the city, with only a stretch of disconnected platforms to keep you from plummeting down to your certain doom. Many of these platforms either have the ability of pushing you forwards, or of dragging you back to the direction that you came from.
Along the way, you will see that there are green, red and blue boxes. These are you nutrition for your journey: whilst the green and red boxes give you one and three speed boosts respectively, the blue boxes slow down the speed of the game, thus enabling you to take a quick breather every now and then.
You can use the speed boosts whenever you’re in the air. If you simply tap the screen (Android) or press spacebar (Windows), you will propel onwards at a very healthy speed.
Watch out, though, for the gaps in between the platforms. If you are going at a very fast speed, you may be unaware of the looming peril that lies ahead of you in the form of either the gap, or the edge, of the platforms. Your momentum can quickly switch from being comfortably racing through the air, to being caught underneath the platforms with no way of getting back up.

Bounce is now on the Android market! (iOS coming soon!) The link is right here.(QR code below)

A free version is also on its way in the next week so everyone can enjoy the game. As before feel free to download the windows build.

Update – – Free version available here

Update 2 — I’ve fixed the Windows build, Sorry about that!

Upare 3 — There is now a dedicated Facebook page for Bounce, check it out.


Our first app is almost complete! Bounce is a addictive platformer for all ages to enjoy. Featuring never ending levels and power-ups.

You can try the game (Beta) on your desktop by downloading the game for windows. This is a .zip file that needs to be extracted first. A click or space bar simulate a touch on the screen.